Original limited edition screen printed film posters from the UK


FrightFest Originals launched in August 2012 to promote UK screen prints for discerning collectors.  All our artwork is fully authorised and gives each artist completely free reign - we're trying to create extremely limited edition prints that are rare, exclusive and most importantly, original.

Ian Rattray is a founding director of FrightFest, the UK's most successful genre festival, with 40 years of experience in the film industry.  He has travelled the world seeking out those odd films that appeal to our niche market, leading him to Toronto, via Cannes, Sitges, Austin and...well... most places.  Although the crotchety old git's real passion is steam trains and westerns, he really does love his stuff.   Ian knows the horror genre inside out and is thoroughly enjoying picking and choosing his faves for our collection.

Alex Chambers is an art collector, FrightFester, film geek and devoted screen print fan.  After flying in the Royal Air Force and spending ten years whoring himself to the finance industry, he's decided to turn a hobby into a business.  Everything we produce would happily appear on his wall at home - his wife wouldn't let him do this otherwise.

We are for the fans, for the artists and all for exclusive stuff.  These posters are authorised and unique.  Buying a FrightFest Originals print guarantees you quality, collectability and access to the best upcoming and established artists in the world.  Known or unknown, we'll work with you if you're good enough, and sell you a print if you're quick enough.  Get in touch via the contact tab if you want to be involved.

We hope you feel the same way we do - UK and foreign designs for the discerning collector.


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